Motion Graphics & Video Editing

Motion Graphic or Animation Video has now become a very powerful medium for delivering messages clearly, advertising for goods, social media activities, and entertainingly. 

People are always searching through their social media news feeds to find some reliable, enjoyable, and easily digestible information for their mental satisfaction and daily needs. But People have become more accustomed to receiving dynamic content than static. Also, everyone likes to watch videos before purchasing something. So change in advertising styles for producing companies, marketers, social media people is the demand of the age.

Using Motion graphic design or creating animation is the most effective way to spread the brand stories,  services, product specifications, and so on.  It helps businesses differentiate their content and take their marketing and social media presence to the next level.

We AFITLTD, with all types of Graphic Design Services like logo design, festun, banner, visiting card, poster, etc,  offers animation video services 2D & 3D, Compositing, Visual Effect & Simulation, Color Grading.

We have a team of creative, talented & skilled Designers. If you need an explainer video service or want to create motion graphics videos or any type of animation videos, we are ready to create your required animation videos that serve best on all platforms.