Consultancy Services

AFITLTD. provides world-class IT consultancy services by its own international quality expertise team. If you have any queries/Interests about any types of IT-related work for your own or your business,we as a consultant advise on how to make the best use of technology to improve a client’s business. This may include designing unique software for a company, assisting with a powerful transition from PC to Mac, or testing the capabilities of existing devices and programs in the business.

We provide management consultancy services to clients before implementing any project.For each project, we set up a team allowing necessary members from our side and 1 or 2 members from the client’s side. By Email/ Chat/ Phone we always communicate with clients. All our suggestions and recommendations related to the project will be sent in the reported form to the client for their valuable feedback. All feedback will be accepted cordially and take necessary steps if needed.

There is no doubt that a technical consultant can usually be referred to as an IT or digital consultant. They serve the purpose of maintaining the smooth business development of the organization. In addition, they provide a variety of information and technology applications for the company.

Our Consultancy Services:

Technology consultants:

We provide strategic knowledge or advice to key technology operators to provide plans for software solutions, adoption, development and integration of advanced technology in client business.

Marketing consultants:

We offer strategic advice on how to successfully promote, sell and distribute products and services to consumers. On a larger scale, marketing offers strategies or advice to bring a new brand name, product or service to the public eye and turn it into a profitable business.

IT consultants:

Our IT consultants provide clients with strategic advice on how to create high performing systems and workflows for computer hardware, software and networks. IT consultants provide technical expertise in information system design, software programming and development. Technology consultants specialize in a variety of fields and are also referred to as information systems consultants, systems application consultants, data management consultants, and network consultants.

Social Media Consultant:

We offer strategic advice on how search engine optimization, content and social media can help social media marketing companies increase their website traffic.

We offer tips on how to build a strong online client presence and build a brand online using a variety of social media platforms such as social networks and social media.

Strategy Consultants:

Helping organizations figure out any problem in their operations and work strategy and to improve their performance, primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and development of plans for improvement. Its also called as management consultative for the company where in you can play a key role in technology implementation and workflow management.