Domain & Hosting Service

We AFITLTD. also provide Domain & Hosting Services that are not provided by most of the other IT companies and it makes us different from another and brought a peak position in the IT sector.

In this modern age of technology, everyone should have a website. It doesn’t matter what you are but a website brings us prestige, besides of this if you want to start an ecommerce business, create a blog, affiliate marketing or online business a website is essential. Unless having a website a company can’t spread its brand value. So every company small or big also needs a website.

To build a website you should need a domain name and its hosting server. 

A business-related domain name is essential for increasing your online business. It helps to raise business introductions.

On the other hand, Web hosting ensures our website or blog is always active on the internet for visitors/clients. Web hosting is like a big storage on a web server where you can store your website, file, image, video, or any other content for visitors that are always connected to the internet.So, web hosting is most important for a website.

Including creating a suitable Domain name for your business website, we specially offer web hosting services.We have different types of hosting services that serve different packages at adaptable prices. Depending upon your website’s necessity, security and speed, you can use different types of web-hosting.

Our Services:

1. Shared hosting: We offer Linux/Windows-based Shared hosting. In shared web hosting, all website information is stored on the same server. An extra number of visitors appear to a website, which affects the speed of another website. So it is a little slower. Even then we suggested shared hosting is the best web hosting for the new website.

2. VPS (Virtual Private Server): The speed & security of VPS hosting is very good. VPS server is better than shared hosting if you have lots of visitors. It can handle a large number of visitors. 

VPS server or VPS hosting is a little more expensive than shared hosting but its service is very nice.

3. Dedicated web hosting: The efficiency, security & speed of dedicated web hosting is unquestionable. A dedicated web server can handle huge visitors. It is the most expensive, so you can use it only if your website has a large number of visitors/traffic.

4. Cloud hosting: The speed & security of Cloud hosting is very good. In cloud hosting, the possibility of server down is very low.  It is also cheap. So cloud hosting is called blogger choice web hosting.

In addition to domain and web hosting, we also provide VPN services & Email services. As a reputed hosting provider, we provide all necessary support for any services.

Our team is active 24/7 live chat to ensure uninterrupted service to the client.