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Motion Design/Animation design is the most demandable sector in the modern age. The movement of graphics is simply called Motion Graphics. Sometimes it is called Motion design.  Although making connections between movement and graphic elements is simple to hear, it is a very difficult task.

Mass media, Television, Youtube, advertisements, Social media everywhere we see animation work. Every company has changed its advertising policies by replacing animated ads.

YouTubers, social media persons are always searching for a good Motion designer to edit their videos. But finding a good Motion Designer is a big challenge.

We AFIT Ltd provide all Motion graphic related services like- 2D, 3D Animation, Compositing, Visual Effect & Simulation, Color Grading that helps businesses differentiate their content and take their marketing and social media presence to the next level. We revise our work until customers are satisfied. We realize customer demand and deliver projects in time. For Urgent Contact us – +880 1716 447133 / +880 1976 447133.